Cracker Barrel

Me and my husband were married April 16th 2011, we both brought children into the marriage, so because of finances we never got to have our honey moon, in fact the kids even rode from the church to the reception with us , lol, however the next day to celebrate us getting married me and my new husband went to Cracker Barrel as our "honeymoon" , but the waitress well wasnt very friendly however the food as usual was awsome.  Maybe someday we will have a honeymoon or at least a night off from kids , and maybe get to sleep in. One thing is for sure though we are happy and have a beautiful family and thats all that matters , God willing we will have many more years together ,
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Maybe its april weddings! I was married april 20th 1996 and never got a honeymoon! Our first child was born premarriage and so my mother in law gave us the money to take her to disney ( at the time we live 45 minutes from the park) i was nine months pregnant at the time and on bed rest so hubby pusheed me around in a wheel chair through the park! Our daughter just turned 18 and son is turning 16 this month! Maybe someday I'll get that honeymoon! I hope you dont have to wait as long as I have

ahh that must of been tough hun , i couldnt imagine , however im so grateful for you that your husband was still there for you , my 1st husband wasnt and i had some problems in my pregnancys as well, maybe someday the 2 of you can get your honeymoon , that would be so sweet if you do, and if you do id love to hear about it , i love sweet stories like that, praying that all your dreams come true and tell your son i said happy birthday


needless to say this was my second marriage and well the first one i was young and dumb and didnt even have a wedding or a ring , so at least i got my true love this time around and a wedding to the man of my dreams my best friend

We have been together since i was 17 and while he isnt the greatest husband we are still together and toughing it out! Hope you get ur honeymoon soon!

oh trust me my husband has his moments must be a guy thing lol, for him it was drinking he has quit but now has to deal with things he covered up with that , no one deserves a honey moon more than you it sounds like