I never had a honeymoon. Not a real one, anyway. My 'honeymoon' was spending a week at a local hotel, so I could have sex outside of my mom's house. It was a cheap hotel, and we didn't really enjoy ourselves as much as we would of liked to. We want to have a real honeymoon, on our 10th anniversary in September 2009, we are hoping for Disneyworld and the Disneyworld Resort.

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I wrote a blog about my wedding Im not done it will take several parts check it out. I can almost agree with you here because we had one but I have fears of heights and my husband friend and wife gave us a honeymoon trip to a retreat and we were in room1791 yes! I was sick all the time on top of that it went 22 floors up. So I might as well say it wasnt good at all!

I hope you get to go.