Never Worked Before...

I'm 21 this year, by the time most people reach my age... they already have several part time job experiences under their belt.. My family is not wealthy, but we're financially stable.. but that's not the reason i never worked part time anywhere... I have this overwhelming anxiety to run for cover when approaching someone I don't know.. even If I do know that person, I have a hearing problem that I think is caused by my anxiety ( I can't figure out what people are saying)... would you be more confident If you have someone there to pull you towards it?? If I was pulled by someone, a friend, than I might just join them. But I have no one friend that will pull me.. maybe If I did ask somebody randomly than probably he/she will help me... Either that.. than don't wait for anyone.. get the courage to move yourself.. (sigh) when will I ever stopped feeling this helpless??

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I'm 22 and in a similar boat. During high school I could have tried to get a job but I was terrified of doing it (I thought I as going to hate it as much as high school) and I never really wanted anything that I needed money for. During college I was too afraid to apply for a job because I wasn't confident that I could handle work and a class load simultaneously. So here I am, the only work I got was a summer job paid "under the table" so it wasn't official, and the anxiety I had about jobs during high school hasn't changed a bit, though I've still applied to places here and there, albeit unsuccessfully.

I have had jobs ( a lot of jobs), but almost all of them have been bad experiences because my anxiety was so overwhelming while I was working them. I only had one job that I actually enjoyed and that was as a receptionist/computer room monitor at the It help desk at my old college. I don't have a job right now and I am pretty much agoraphobic. I stopped going to my last job at an arts and crafts store months ago because I started having trouble leaving the house and then having to, on top of that, take public transportation. I wonder how on earth I am going to be able to move on with my life. I also have issues maybe similar hearing issues when I am anxious. I can't really decipher what people are saying or else I hear it but none of it sticks. This led to me having to ask people to repeat things several times. A couple of my bosses actually made a point of letting me know how much they hated having to repeat themselves. At some point I bought a notebook, but it not like I can always write everything down. In some ways, I am definitely relieved that I don't have a job right now, but I also really want to move on with my life and to be successful. Financially, I really need a job. I feel like almost everyone has given up on me too.

hi im 28 have qualification but have never worked before every single intevie i attended i have failed to get ajob not sure how to proceed further the more time im unemployed the more i get depressed think im good for nothing afraid my husband is gonna leave me we have got 4 children and i feel such a looser coz cant get a job,i need help

I'm 26 and don't really have any work experience. I have volunteered. My husband has pretty much given up the idea of me getting out. Which really dampers my self esteem. I went through agoraphobia and depression for 7 years. I just got to where I can go to the store a year ago. Now, I am 6 months pregnant. I really want to get a job once the baby comes. Just for two days a week. It's just who will hire me now? When I am finally ready and willing to get out and socialize no one is there to support me because of the let downs I've done before.

Im 19 and I never had a mom told me when i approached her about getting a job that she would take care of me and that school is my job. At that time i was 16 and now that im older she's always yelling telling me to get a job, but its so hard because i dont have any experience. Its even hard trying to get into McDonalds cause they want someone with experience!

I'm 22 and I never had a job either. And like you, it's not that I don't want to work to have the experience. When I was in my late teens, I wanted to get a job but my mama didn't want me to because she was concerned about my safety as to how and when I was going to get home. Then when I became a young adult, I married early (and am still married) and my husband has the same worries, at least until we can get our car or a means of transportation. <br />
But like you, too, I have social anxiety and that can or will impact how I work, if I ever get the chance to work. But we'll cross that word when we get to it. It seems like you'll need to work on a few techniques to deal with your hearing problem and your social anxiety.

I wish I can turn back time at 17 again.. to be more independent...

i am 17 and never had a job i think its to do with parants security but gradualy i am learning i can be indipendent and starting to look for jobs and such just need a job so i can take care of myself before i leave home soon .