Life Is Not A Fairy Tale

I am the second wife. My husband did the big wedding and honeymoon thing the first time around and didn't see the point of doing any of it again. His first wife was perfection to his family and they made it clear they wouldn't have any part of me. My family was too far away. My "wedding" consisted of strangers as our witnesses, in a dank basement near the courthouse, a justice of the peace with a deep southern accent I couldn't understand, I carried the mankiest "bouquet" anyone has ever seen, and I wore all black. It was awful, and not things go awry to ruin the moment awful, just flat out depressingly blech awful. I found out less then a year later that my engagement ring & wedding band were actually the ones his first wife picked out and he got them in the divorce. I stopped wearing them because they didn't feel like they belonged to me. No honeymoon, not even a celebratory dinner out. No wedding gifts, not even a card. It was all very practical and legal. I never expected to have the perfect Cinderella wedding, but I never thought I'd get sloppy seconds. I never tell anyone about our nuptials, I've become very good at changing the topic. When people complain about getting multiples off their gift registry, how their hair or makeup wasn't perfect, the flowers weren't the right shade I really, etc. I excuse myself before I say something not so nice. I go overboard with the "they are a waste of time and money" excuses, when deep down I'm just jealous. I am very grateful for everything I have and have been blessed with more then I need. A huge wedding is not the key to happiness, but deep down every woman wants a Cinderella moment.
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Jan 14, 2013