My fiance` and I have been together for a year & 6 months. We plan on getting married in August this year. We are not planning anything big [I never really wanted a big wedding] We planned to go court, I would buy a white dress, take pictures at the botanical gardens and then have a beautiful dinner with just his parents, my parents and our siblings at a restuarant overlooking the town. But everytime I suggest something, he always asks WHY? Why must I get a dress?? Why must I take a small loan to help cover costs? Why must we have flowers on the table?? :-( It breaks my heart, because I'm not asking for much in the first place, secondly, my whole life I feel like I've missed out on all the big days of my life..I was at home for my 16th bday, I never went to my Grade 12 farewell [Prom], And for my 21st bday, I spent half the day at work and half at home:-( Just for once I would like to feel special too:-( I've cried the past 2 nights just thinking about this....Today, I told him that I've changed my mind, we'll just go to court, take pics at my home and we'll get the families together for cake and tea....He says we should go ahead with the lunch etc, but he's already crushed my hopes and dreams of the “Little wedding” I wanted.
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Jan 17, 2013