4 Years Ago

I was married by a justice of the peace in the county courthouse.

I told myself that it would be easier that way. Less stress. My family doesn't like eachother very much.  We already had our first child and money was really tight.

But now I kinda wish I had that wedding dress and the pictures to look back on.  "C'est la vie."

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6 Responses Jul 22, 2007

Did the same thing as you, for many reasons, including money. Do I have regrets sometimes? Yes. But when I see all the things I did with the money I didn't spend on this one day, I stop having regrets. I'd rather have straight teeth and paid student loans than having been a princess for one day.

A mayor sounds a little more distinguished.

your not the only one i got married by a mayer

I would love to have a giant reception. 5 years is coming up next year. maybe I should start planning 8-)

If you don't want to renew your vows, you can always have an awesome anniversary party. Wear the pretty dress, but skip the ceremony and go straight to the reception. Pick out the parts that you wish you had from your wedding, and incorporate those into the anniversary party, and leave out all the bits that would only stress you out.

Thank you so much! I have watched the Bridezilla show and that is what I was trying to avoid. Renewing the vows is a great idea. We also have never went on a reall honeymoon. So we are trying to plan something like that. Some place warm and sunny I think.<br />
Thanks again.