Worst Party Ever!

My mother tried to do the loving thing, to throw me a birthday party for my sweet sixteen. It was a nice gesture, but she mistakenly thought five girls were my friends and invited them to my party, along with my two good friends. :-/

It was horrible! The five girls sat in the corner, the whole time, angry at the two girls for being my friend! They kept saying, "These girls seem cool, so why are they friends with HER!", meaning me. :-(

And they tried to find fault with the girls, giving them glares, every time my good friends were nice to me, by singing happy birthday or throwing an arm around me and giggling. :-o

The five girls would not eat anything, no cake or snacks. And they give a response of, "hmph!" to my friends, whenever they tried to be friendly towards them. And when it was time to open presents, the five girls loomed over me and made fun of the items, saying it was lame. :-(

My mother kept her cool, but after everyone left, she was angry and shocked of the girls behavior! She yelled, "What is wrong with your friends?! They were so horrible! I didn't know they act like that!" And I had to calmly explain that they really wasn't my friends and only used me to do their homework for them or to get money from me. That they didn't like that I had two cool other friends and hated them too....

That was my first and only birthday party. I never want a repeat of that!!! :-(

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5 Responses Dec 9, 2008

thanks shadow! same for you! ~bear hug!~

my sweet sixteen was the same way! but the girls happen to be my best friends (guys) girlfriends! They couldn't stand that the "cool" guys hung out with me "Ms. Nobody" and the star fottball pla<x>yer was my boyfriend. I must admit i was anothing in skewl i didn't belong to just one group i went about but had a great group that always had my back. Every one of the groups i hung out with was diff. and i wasn't claimed by the cool one cuz i didn't want to be. I went to school with all city kids and i was sooo country! They were so mena ot anyone that was diff.! My swet sixteen ended with them "Spilling" their drinks down my new white sweater and me landing in one of thems cake after someone "bumed" into me. I was so upset but i just laughed so the guys wouldn't be mad<br />
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The girls were so rude! I hated my younger teen years till my senior year! Thats when the girls finially grew up i guess. Before than they would push me down in the hall, stick **** in my locker, jack my clothes out of gym, take my work and claim it, half the time they even took my lunch. I was to level headed to blow up on em i know karma was a ***** and they had it coming. Turnes out my life is a fairtale compared to their's. This year has been my best teen year ever.(18) Now im 19 and hope its wayyy better!

Sorry. i hope you received something good turning 16, maybe a memory from another day.

Sorry to hear your situation hasn't improved since that party. Pox on cruel people! The world truly is full of pinheads. It can be challenging, but I try to stay above them. Focus on your true friends. I certainly sounds like your mom has a good heart.<br />
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I don't like to have birthday parties either...I can't stand being the center of attention. Although my work calls for me to be at the center sometimes, I actively avoid it socially.

Sorry the party was so poor. I thought people were only cruel like that in the movies! For heaven's sake stop giving them money and doing their homework.<br />
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Things get better after high school.