Birthday Celebrations Don't Run In My Family

 It did until about the fourth grade.  After that, friends and people coming over became a freakin' rarity!  I didnt have a sweet 16...I'm okay with that though...I'm a terrible party host anyways

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4 Responses Feb 20, 2009

Yeah that's always a good point to. it's not a real turning point in life i don't think. lol

What's so important about turning 16?<br />
<br />
You are still a teenager!<br />
<br />
You are not able to vote<br />
<br />
You can't legally do anything without permission!

I was thinking about maybe having a party when i turn 21....idk tho...

I didn't either, but when I turned 50 last year, I threw MYSELF a hum dinger of a party,, was fan tas tic.. :D