Not For Me (don't Read If You Are A Child Fan)

I notice this group has a fairly large following for folks who are stating the never had any children but wished they could. I never had children because I never wanted them. I'm 28 now, will be 29 soon. I had a tubal ligation at 27 years old after seeing 9 different doctors from the time I was 18. I was 18, I got pregnant, my doctor said to me, 'I guess I'll need to refer you to an obstetrician' ... I asked him why. he assumed because i was pregnant I was having a baby. Turns out I'm a liberated pro choice woman and knew I had other options. i never saw that doctor again. Two weeks later I was in seeing the doctor to 'fix my problem'. Some women/men just know from the time they are born that they are not born to be parents. I knew from the time I was 5 years old that I was simply not meant to be a mother. now over 10 years later I believe I made the right choice back then. I had to see more than 8 doctors from 18 till twenty seven before I found a doctor who believed I was doing the right thing, and who was willing to do the operation. three of the doctors believed I was making the right choice, but they were not willing to operate on me because of the fact that I have had a heart condition/operation and a brain condition/operation (both genetically inherited). finally I found a doctor who though the risk of me having and unhealthy/unwanted child was higher than the risk of me dying in surgery and fixed me up. I'm 28 almost 29 now dating a man who is in his 40's with 4 children of his own who are all fantastically healthy and beautiful. why do I need children? .... I do not need to give birth to be a good female influence for children. We have a daughter 23, a son 13 and twin daughters 12... none of them are mine biologically... but I love them all dearly. I have never been happier to have no children.
RighteousGirl RighteousGirl
26-30, F
Mar 20, 2011