I Never Had Sex With Anyone

I never had sex! When I was growing up  take about sex  was taboo
When I was 13  I asked my Mom want gender I was born and she replied you're too young to ask those things!   I never really fitted in as male!  I never bothered to ask anything about sex since my Moms remark.  I never had the nerve to ask anyone about sex.  I was never given a sex talk.  There was no sex education when I went to school.  I therefore  only know what I've seen and read!  I have tried those adult magazines on doctors advice  but that did strike up any urges!   I'm  willing to try sex with someone!  I don't know who to trust!   I'm not sure if I'm heterosexual or  gay.   How would I know?  If someone asks me to have sex with them  I might just say yes  cause  I never had it yet  and I'm 62    I kinda feel like I missed out on something great!
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

I'm also a virgin. It's sad, but at the same time sex probably should be saved for marriage and some people do it that way.