It's Gone As Soon As I Get It

I have a crappy minimum wage job as a cashier. I'm not really complaining about that because I'm lucky to have a job and at least I like my coworkers. However, I don't make as much money as I need. I just had a baby girl. I need to pay for diapers, formula, doctor's bills, medicine, clothes. I have a $300 car payment, a $125 car insurance payment, and gas is so expensive. At the moment I live with my parents so I don't have rent, groceries, or utilities to pay for, thankfully. But I'm trying to save up at least some money so I can move out on my own. Plus, I'm also in college and paying for that. I need more hours or a better job or better pay or a combination. Too bad money didn't really grow on trees.
FallenAngelShi FallenAngelShi
18-21, F
1 Response May 18, 2011

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