I Know....it's Totally ******. At Least I Don't Have Kids

so I only have to feel shamed about caring for myself poorly. This tendency has clear psychological connotations.  Right now my net worth is -140,000.00

I'm American and had to pay for my own college and graduate studies with loans.  Some credit card debt, not much, but horrible credit.  The educational loans are how they keep you from ascending to the next class here, because you have to pay them off for the rest of your life, so even if u work your *** off you can be born poor and still die poor.  Its very American.  Very jim Crow.  Oh well, as I always say...they abolished debters prison for some time now so what are they gonna do- send me letters in the mail....I'm shaking in my boots. 

I'll beat the system. 


explodingblue explodingblue
31-35, F
May 2, 2007