Can't Catch Up!!!

You know we fell behind on bills and have never been able to catch back up.  We are down to the basic necessities of life.  Bill collector's constantly calling. i don't answer anymore--i don't know what to say--i don't want to lie or make up stories.

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sorry to hear that you went through with all this, hopefully things have begun to turnaround for you !

I know how you feel... Would have been debt free back on Jan. 5/10, had everything planned out. Then back in Nov. of '09 without warning, notice or so much as a f-u, I on went on line to pay some bills and found that over $4,000.00 had been removed from my bank accounts (savings & checking) --- everything was gone without a clue as to why! In addition the "Bank of America" began charging me for small purchases recently made, yet not cleared on the ATM card, (at $35 per), along with a $100.00 fee for the transaction of a court order, they gave away more then was available and and did not notify me that there was no money in the acct. to cover my purchases (?). By the time they where done there was no money for food, rent, gas or tp to wipe my *** with. Had to use the next pay check to pay for the lawer.... But then, wait for it - it's not over yet... a sort time later the lawer droped the ball and the law office of Pressler & Presler again emptied the one bank account left... again when the rent was do, this time for about $1,300.00. No money was returned from the first time this happened. However the lawer managed to have the money returned that time, minus the fees of course & a payment arangement was made. He also gave me a check for $125.00 as I had not yet gone food shopping, nor was there enough gas in the tank to drive anywhere after returning home that day. I began making payments for this bill of now over $7,000.00 for what should have been a $1,000.00 over 9 yrs. ago. That I tried to resolve.<br />
Here's the kicker... This was from something I had tried to deal with and pay off over 9 yrs. ago. I had come back from vacation expecting a cell phone bill for $1,000.00, (was talking with someone overseas at the time), and had set the money aside for these calls. However when my son & I returned I received a bill for $3,500.00 from AT&T. I argued to no end - had the contract agreement in hand that stated the service would turned off if the bill reached a $1,000.00 and also had everything written down from the two times that I called to verify what the cost would be per minute prior to going on vacation from that location.<br />
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I obtained the lawer so that this would never happen again ...(?)... So that my bank acct. would be safe from being completely emptied again, or so I thought... I must be so freaken stuppid! Because when my jeep broke down twice last month I had it repaired, (so that I could go to work to earn money to pay the bills and feed my son, how stupid of me), Which left me without enough to continue making this new payment arangement for a few weeks which was stressing my abilities to care for my son & I, [since they started doing this back in Nov of '09, aprox. six weeks prior to having all other debt payed off]. Prior to this we where able to live like normal human beings, or at least get by when things got hard from time to time. <br />
However being the bottom feeder, piece of crap scumbag that I must be seing how my 13yr. old son & I don't desevre to have the ability to chose what is best to spend my money on as needed for my house hold and seeing how the company of Pressler & Pressler refuse to talk with me and that the lawer once hired seems unable to returns my calls when answers are needed once again the bank acct. was emptied.... Amazingly just hrs. prior to paying rent and writing out a check for the true scumbags of P&P................... <br />
Still waiting to hear from the attorney so that I know what to tell my landlord again!<br />
<br />
As unrealisticly as it may seem I have developed a theory: In these times of less then plenty for the majority some millionaires / industries / agencies & firms seem to go out of there way to take everything from as many as possible... a judge in the pocket, a twist in the small print, what ever it takes to steal, forceably remove as much money as possible from those who have the least. I thought this was America, I didn't even get my day in court! It does not matter that you are a single parent, the color of your skin or the fact that you did not get your day in court, have little food or are unable to pay your rent and put enough gas in your car to make to work or could have had this debt paid off, dealt with in a reasonible manner had you been given the opertunity and enough time without legally (?) stealing all of your money and possibly puting you and your childern in the street. Somewhere in little corperate offices all over America people are looking over those who have next to nothing, perhaps those who are just on the verge of building a safety net, and they look down and say; **** 'em we need more for our bottom line, and the price for our kid's college just went up... Get me more, more more... Take everything and blame the democrates!

It amazes me how often I hear this. I think people would be okay if they didn't have all those added penalties, fees, interest and just because I can charge placed on us. People tell me it's my fault because I have to be careful and more diligent. Well when the first time a payment is late because the mail was stuck between a conveyor belt at the post office and found a few days later causing payment to be a couple days late. Guess what that's their green light to double the interest charges, add late fees etc. etc. etc. I don't even want to start on the way the government cycle has spinned me dry. But I feel for you and hang in there and be strong. That's all we can do. Don't ever wait on your attorney--call him every day every hour---email them. You are paying them they are working for you and you need to demand service. Don't forget at 5 the office is closing and like my mortgage lady told me-she has a warm bed to go to at night. For some reason she took my instance personal and she was out for blood.

One way to keep them at bay is to play their game with them. Bill collector's can't call you on a disputed debt. If you read the exact language of the collection notice you have 30 days to dispute the bill. Your next question is "What happens after that?" You ask for a settlement offer on the total balance you owe. Collection agency's make their money off of a percentage of the amount collected while the account is in their "possession" which is called "account assignment" which are in turned placed in a "collection cycle" which normally last 120-180 days out from the time the account is assigned to the collection agency. If you do not do anything other than what you have already done you can expect that this will continue for the at least the next 120-180 days. They will continue to call you and harass you until you exercise your rights to tell them to stop.<br />
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Best of luck to you and keep the faith.

It wasn't easy but, I found a cure for Debt.<br />
<br />
I pay cash for everything I have. That is to say, I don't have much. What I have is paid for. <br />
<br />
The best way to hurt the Banks who have been hurting the people, is to pay cash for everything.<br />
It's also called; Living within your own means. That's what I do.