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Judge a book by its cover is as stupid as to judge someone by the color of his/her skin, religion, or philosophy.
A wise man once said: ' Compare is to judge and judge is compare '. We compare against ourself, our values, our own education.

These three aspects are features of our family heritage and morality that we have received and in which we live.
Others, our brothers and sisters, have their history and have received their education.
Who are we and believe we have to say ' this is good, this is bad '. This presumption spoils the basis of humanity.

Those who respect others really do not linger to " cover " their book of life.
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Creativity is crushed from such an early age it seems 😐

I agree with you. We never can understand the extent of a person's being by just loking at the outward. Human beings are by far the most exquisite design ever!!

You know, Julie, I think that we do the judging, especially when we are younger, as a matter of caution and subconsciously. We draw an instant perception of what the person might be like from past experiences, not just personal but from TV or books also. It is a wonderful discovery when you actually learn to look past the cover and find substance, regardless of the initial presentation. Once you have enjoyed the substance, that book does not look as dull or ugly as it did before. Somehow you associate the cover with the substance and you actually find it attractive after all.

aww... thanks dear :)

If one is complimented on the cover, is that not also a judgement?

yes, of course...

but good cover is appreciated ( judged) but feels good

If the rule is there should be NO judgement, then there should not be ANY.. bad or good..

people are like onions..if no cover then nothing

@ Perksplay : You're absolutely right... like Your parallel... "an apple a day, keep averibody away... an onion a day, keep everybody away..."... lol

@ youreyes2see : everybody have right to have an opinion... they could be bad or good... I'm not afraid about bad and I don't prefer the good ones.. Just receive that as neutral comment..

All is good.. I was just saying "if" a Rule is No Judgement is made, then there should be none of ANYKIND, that is all..
We all have a cover, thing is, does it display what can be revealed on the inside, or is it fake.. you decide.. :)

agree :)

@ imurfriend : thanks :)

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we should not lets talk about the cover..we all come in a cover/casing..sometimes it is attractive..others not ..but it is human nature to like appealing can you do ..hmmm make the cover healthy..and refreshing ..once you can now have to the book part right ? whats going to keep..:))

ps :) your avatar is a woman and you are a its a camouflage ..hee hee..

hee, hee.... surprised.. thanks dear :)

welcome :)))


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And helps only a mere comparison, knowledge is limited only to compare?

yes I agree with you! :D

Thanks dear friend :D

The Bible tells believers to weigh up everything that is said<br />
<br />
It says, "Jesus did not entrust Himself to men, for He knew what is in the heart of a man"<br />
<br />
As for one masquerading as a woman ...

We were discussing the senses and perception in relation to learning last week. Many people brought up how the processing of experiences through sight, smell, taste, sound, and hearing can limit one's perception of the world. "Not judging a book by its cover" and relyiing on sight too heavily to form our perception of our environment and other people reminds me of Plato's allegory of the cave. I think that people need to be more accepting of others. They really limit their capacity for love and growth by judging everyone else. Wars will be a constant and people will hate because it's easy. Nobody likes to do work, it's a part of our nature. But those who will put in the time and work to be better will be the ones who change the world. Stay strong! :o)

Thanks. I've another motto : " Judging someone does not define who they are, it defines who you are ! "


Hi, thank you for your comment about my comment, v you' said it well.

never judge a book by its movie good point Miss Julie..<br />
<br />
<br />
;0 xxoo

Thanks, sweetie xoxoxo

You have always been righteous in my eyes.:)

Very impressive write!.. .:)

Thanks dear. Very proud of Your gentle comment :)

Thank you kindly for your comment..Nice of you.:)

Well Julie, my book is open, nothing to judge here on the face of it......hee hee

we have our own moral codes and conducts but we should not insist it to anyone. No matter how much we try to open up someone's mind and eyes, their true persona prevails. Each person has his/her own life choices, who are we to put a blunder? We could only advice, we could try but we should not ridicule, or sneer. The gravel should be possessed by Him. "Don't judge and you shall not be judged'.

I could not agree more. Thanks dear :D

Very well said. Who ever judges a book by it's cover is only ever going to miss out on all the diverse and wonderful possibilities which may be found inside.

I agree. Thanks for comment :)

What you said resonates so deeply within me...I do my best not to judge people by the package they are housed I fall short of my ideal sometimes...admittedly I do....but do I self correct the minute I realize what I am better believe it. <br />
<br />
Life is too short just to skim the surface...its by delving deep that the true treasures are unearthed.

wow, thnaks for gentle comment :)

Very well said. If only more people could think like this....the world would be a better place.<br />
Yes its true! We should not judge people ba<x>sed on the way they look.

thanks dear :)

Awe! yes i agree! with you here my friendly 100% you said it beautifully gorgeous! :D <br />
<br />
Great post and i thank you for sharing darling! :D :D <>


It is quite true, just like a shell, it is an excellent comparison. And even for the grape, if it is ripe, one eats it, if it is sour, one leaves it still a little with the sun. Thus it is education. As well as possible to educate by the heart, with most tolerant one is.<br />
Nice comment. Thanks.

Rated up and well said.

Thanks for Your compliment, it moves me :)

u are very wise julie, im proud of u♥

Nice compliment lil flower ♥♥♥, thanks ♥♥♥

Well said, My Dear . So many People judge others & it hurts me that they do so. I am Good to everyone & enjoy Helping others. I sometimes get hurt, but I will keep being Me. Hugs Michael

Very well said.....You always put things so eloquently......:D

*°* curtsy *°*

I think a person would have to be a little shallow to judge another by their appearance only (no offense, shallow people!) (oops, perhaps I shouldn't have said that...) A person's spark, their individual flame is hidden within, and this is merely veiled by their 'cover'. To look beyond that cover is to truly know people and that opens the way to special friendships with special people.<br />
Julie, your wisdom as always touches my heart and makes me think. Thank you.

I'm so glad you like my story so much. You make me blush. Thank you!

How does this affect the world of Kindles and the like??

'Kindles' = ??? (sorry unknow in France &amp; in my vocabulary...;(
Just explain a bit more... :)

Kindness is to express compassion, sympathy, good heart and goodwill just because .

Kindles - portable electronic book storage and reading devices.

Big fingers - I'll give you big fingers!!!1

lol, thanks :)

Yes, thanks to open my mind to thoses south England creatures.
Seems to be an Alien, huh ???

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