many things have effect on our physical appearance otherwise women will not be spending so much on we deny this fact that cover is important..we can not..we wrap ourselves in a nice dress not only to hide our body but to reveal our personality..Colors we choose for any occasion has to be perfect to match..why? because it covers the celebration do i also consider that a fake outlook is a trap..yessssssssssss.. a false smile that doesn't go in our heart is covering our sadness..that is why..if you are really happy..your eyes will love..eyes will try to keep the lights on when we want to make watch the other's emotion...when we touch and rub..hold and totally the level of extremity...I find it interesting to be myself..because somehow after being myself for too long..I can not fake it anymore..and some even like me as I false pretence.. no fear of rejection..but yes..I have been rejected by all those who didn't want to keep nor my cover or me...what did I learn ? I have learned can not change but you must improve..for you need to give other's a break..yep..they are damn tired of your bla bla join EP and write all your stories here..earn coins be happy..find someone who actually likes means you..the NAKED TRUTH....
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wow... so well said.. congrats... glad to read a so beautiful true... naked truth.. You've read in me... :)

thank you for rating me up and reading ..I get inspiration from you :)) so keep on writing

Oh, dear, You made me blush... **blushing**

got red..really

Oh, yes, my wonder friend... as res as a peony.... carmine... I like to blush for You...:)

i like friend lovely..

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