Book is a man's best friend. Keeps company can be read again and again..teaches us..inspires us and is treasured..pages turn black on edges as the book is re-read..Books are those friends we can buy, we can shelf them and place them together to match their heights and volume. Friends ..we can not buy them nor remain aloof for too long, that they upsets them when you don't say hi or nudge them ..Friends are not flowers , that you make a bouquet and decore your social circle..that also hurts them and they whither and fall.
friends can be virtual but they are real matter how anonymous and hidden, but those fingers that type messages or write a story, has a brain and a heart.
So, we should not use them but we should be careful..for broken hearts has one problem..they retain the crack lines and makes your refelction distorted, just as you have cracked...fine lines but are dismembering..
take care
your friend :)
Perksplayhot Perksplayhot
36-40, F
Sep 14, 2012