I Haven't Have a Lot of Experience With Love

I never kiss

I never date

I never slow dance with anyone (I did once, but that doesn't count, I saw this kid w/ no partner so I just decided to dance w/ him :)

I never wrote a love note

I never ask out anyone

I never accept when someone ask me out

I'm straight forward, if I have a crush I'll tell him he's cute or something

But never really look forward on dating him

One time I walk up to my huge crush, and I told him he's hot.

I didn't think it was going to be embarrassing but it was very :D

But I'm glad I did that :)

I haven't done a lot with relationship, but when I find the right person, I'll give him my first kiss, the best of my love, and everything I own.

SoBit SoBit
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 14, 2009

to be honest... that is extremely good for you!<br />
it's very easy to make the mistake of gettin in to relationships to quick, too deep etc. ive done it myself.<br />
more than enough times.<br />
but it's nice to see that not everybody has to go through this. <br />
i pitty those who do. i know how it hurts.