Looks Like I'm The First To Post A Story?

Makes sense since, you know, this experience is dedicated to how difficult it is to write about yourself.

Oh.. What should I put here?


I am the middle child of five, yep. Not directly in the middle. I am the second born. We thought there would just be four, but we got an extra surprise... ah, twins. Twin boys at that.

It's actually quite awkward to write about yourself. Especially when you know that there are strangers reading it... I guess I will get used to that fact, hm? In a way, it is nice. Like... A diary that I can share and get supporting feedback to.


Let's see...

Are the spaces between my random sentences too much?

It is five thirty-eight AM!

I should be heading to bed soon, since I have to be awake in a few hours.

I am new here to EP and have joined quite a few groups and randomly added a few people around my age and that share some of my experience choices.

I stumbled across this one on accident... In art class, we call these 'happy mistakes.' Heheh...

Now it's five forty-five...

Well! To bed I go.

I shall write more when I get the spontaneous urge to.
TheRave TheRave
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2 Responses Jun 29, 2010

Your post is excellent. I'm not new on EP but continue to find if a bit difficult to write about myself for all to see. Blessings :)

Am new too , and yea I felt the same , and this too that i barely knew myself , lol.