More Than Just a Friend

Since 4 years, I've known that guy...At first, he was only a friend, best friend, i'd say...but during the last days, i've started experiencing some unwanted feelings for him which I refused to accept as I had never seen him from that angle (i mean as 'The One') n moreover I used to consider him like a brother...and sadly he already loves someone although he broke up with her..Now he's gone...he's gone for his studies in another country...N i have not told him my feelings....Actually, I wonder is this love??...:(.....Plz tell me no :(....I don't wanna have a heartbreak.....Its such a dilemma to be in love with your best friend...n worst he's so far away....:'(.....I miss him....I love him...I never knew I could be like this...I never knew I would feel that way for him.....I don't know whether I'll meet him again in my life...but currently am feeling confused n there's a burden in my heart....Am feeling hurt....I want to lock myself in a dark room where there is no one so that i could cry the plight of my heart loud n drain those tears which are being suppressed..........I really never knew i'd fall for him....Life has its own ways, i guess!

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Hi! I am in a similar situation. Hang on in there! Send me a private msg if you wish!

Hey guys..first of all i want to thank you all for your support..It's a new family bond here...Love u all..<br />
<br />
Secondly, i'd like to tell you that i am living a dreamy love story :) Well, it is indeed hard coz we're in different countries..but soon he'll come here for his hols and this will be OUR time..we'll give it a chance and see whether it works..But afterwards, we'll have to take a decision together coz again we'll be parted by miles n miles..<br />
<br />
Hey guys, do you think that a long distance relationship can work?? Do you think that both partners can be faithful even though they are not seeing each other??<br />
<br />
Waiting for your answers..<br />
Love n hugs to u all :)

Awww, maybe it is a little bit of a shock for him. He has told you he feels the same way, perhaps he needs a little time to "digest" all of this. hang in there!!!!!

Any advice or suggestions??? :|

Hi again has read the letter...n i was surprised to know that he also feels the same for me...But now, am feelin really uneasy n i think he too....Even though he has told me that am also more than a friend for him, it seems that he is distant...well, thats what am feelin....<br />
<br />
We were supposed to talk about our relationship....the future of this relationship, if there is any but he is not responding to any of my msgs.....<br />
<br />
Am feeling soo uneasy by his actions....yesterday, i was so relieved n happy n now today, am sad n hurt too maybe....<br />
<br />

Hello everyone :)<br />
I'm so glad that you took the time to comment...Thank you guys...Thanks....Well, all the comments above converge to one option - tell him how I feel...N after much thinking,<br />
<br />
This is what I did....Tonight...i've sent the letter....he got it...and will read it tomorrow...I feel much better.....n no matter what he'll say, i will be happy coz at present, am at peace with myself...n as u said affectioncraver, in life, no regrets....I'm strong...wateva his answer will be, I'll shine...coz life does not stop here ;)<br />
<br />
I'll keep u guys updated....<br />
<br />
Again thx loads...<br />
<br />
Lots of hugs n love to all of uu peeps...:)<br />

Awwww! I agree with all of you here! "Nothing ventured, nothing gained" There is nothing worse than loving somone from afar and never telling them, it eats you up inside and you become obssessed with it all the time. Tell him, even if there is a small chance that he might say "I don't feel the same" at least you will know and knowing that he knows will make you feel a little better. Hmmmmm.... this is an awesome place to meet the last of the true romantics! Well done guys, it feels great to know I am not the only one : - )

Hi lostmermaid. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my story. After reading your story, the first thoughts in my mind are "I wish I could love someone or maybe even feel for someone like that again" What you feel for your friend is precious and even though it hurts so much, hold onto it.<br />
Two things:<br />
1. Decide if he the kind of person that is open to change or steadfast in his beliefs.<br />
2. Love is a very general word and obviously, what you feel is complex and precise. If you decide to tell him the truth, give him specifics. Guys are more inclined to accept a cup of affection rather than a sea of love. <br />
<br />
To help define these feelings, write letters to him and don't post them.<br />
I send you lotsa hugs

Wish i could really tell u,but that decision is in ur heart

You have perhaps the Best ( and I mean this in the most sincere way) friend, who you have fallen in love with. That is wonderful stuff. You must always be friends with the one that you spend your entire life with. It puts you on so many other levels, 'cause you can run things by each other, be more open and honest, etc. That feeling in your heart is telling you ( based on your story) that he is the one! If you don't jump in and take a chance, you'll never know the happiness you could be awarded your whole life. Yes, as in anything in life there is the risk of being hurt , but ignoring how you feel will make it worse. In life ~ no regrets..go full out girl. Find out where he is. Jot down your feelings and ex<x>pressions and then send him a letter. It is said that our true love often comes from where we least expect it. You saw him in an extremely different light, but now you realize this could be it! Take a chance, open up and see what happens. Be happy! I wish you the best. Keep us updated here. Your ep friends care about ya!