I Did Not Truely Know My Father Until.

To say that I did not know my father is a half truth. It was not until the doctor told us that cancer was going to take his life did I really take a hard look at him. It took that bad new's for me to look at his life. He was a christian man all his life, he never drank or smoked or did I ever hear him cuss. He kept a roof over our hear and we never went hungry. We went hunting and fishing and other father and son thing's together. He told us and showed us that he loved us. I never even heard him and mom call each other by name, not once as it was alway's honey or sweetheart or a few pet name's. They never argued in front of us kid's to the best I remember. Dad chose to die at home. He chose not to try any treatment. Not once did we hear him complain or ask why me. Mom ask dad if he could have anything that he wanted what would it be ? He said that he just wanted to know that he had completed the work God had given him and that God was happy with him. Not because he was my dad but I have to admire his answer as I feel most would say that they want to live.

Dad has been gone 14 year's now and I still miss him every day. I am still learning about my father even today as I run into people who knew him and they talk of the man they knew. He taught me so much about being a father. I belive that no matter how hard I try That I will never be man enough to fill my father's shoe's.
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You have and don't know it. I know, grumpus, you don't believe me!