Jamie Thomas

Head of a Veterans charity, www.oldguardriders.org looking for my dad, Kenneth Buffington was in the Army in 1969 and lived at that time in Oregon

I had posted elsewhere in more detail but it's not showing so I'll add some more here.

I found out I was adopted when I was 13 and found out who my real mother was when I was 18.  My real mother was the woman I had grown up calling "Aunt Nelta" So the two sisters were in cahoots and no one would tell me anything until I found some old letters one night.  This is how I found the little bit of info on my real dad.  I was always stunned how no one, including my real mother knew or would say what they knew about him. In 1969 he was in the Army, he wasn't with my mother long and she didn't tell him she was pregnant with me. He came from a nice family in Oregon where he grew up I think and his name was Kenneth Buffington. To this day, my adoptive mother won't give me any more info. My real mother passed away two years ago.

I wan't to find him so much.  

I run a non profit 501c3 Veterans charity for homeless and forgotten vets. I keep thinking I can find him somehow.
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Jul 21, 2010