I Never Knew My Dad

i am 47 years old and have never met my dad. he was married to my mom for 3 years. my sister was 3 and i was 1 when they divorced. when i was 16 i contacted him but we never met. i was in my late 20s when i contacted him agian to tell him i had a son. i have been married for 27 years. i love my child so much that i can not understand how a man can not see his child. i have suffered alot because of his decision not to see me. if only he knew what a good person i have grown to be. i just wish he could have loved me like i have loved   the amaginary person that he is to me.
lisastea lisastea
2 Responses Jul 23, 2010

i feel yah on your story. im 18 and my mom and dad divorced when i was one and my sister was three. i didnt contact him till i was 16 and i no longer speak to him. still havent met him and i dont plan to. im glad you are a loving father for your child.

the man isn't worth it. he doesnt deserve you or your wonderful family. your happy without his influence and you will continue to be so.