I Dont Know Him.

My mother and father divorced when i was about one and my sister was about three. he wasnt a good man from what i know. i guess we had to run away from him to be safe. I heard all kinds of stories and saw pictures of how bad my mom looked from the things he did to her. because of him i am not supposed to be here today, he didnt want me here. but i am a fighter. i knew growing up that he had other kids, but it was not untill i finally met 5 of them that i found out there were about 15 others. i dont know how a man can have so many kids yet hate them. when i turned 16 i contacted the prison he was in to get my own answers. we talked for a few months and then i chose not to talk to him anymore. he didnt want me in his life and he never tried so i dont see why i should either. i kind of have a lot of hatred for him but yet at the same time he is my father. this situation is so much more than i can type to you about. dont feel sorry for me, what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger.
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Sounds like he was the loser in getting to know a great girl, my dad was always too busy to come visit me and he had the freedom to do so hugs to you

Hi dear young lady.I never saw my biological father.He gave me away at 4 months old and disappeared.If he would have kept me then i wouldnt have to be molested at 10 yrs old and raped at 12 yrs old by my abusive adopted mother's boyfriend.I wouldn't have to have my baby aborted the abnormal way at 6 months pregnant and saw him down the toilet bowl.You might think its impossible for someone like me to ever survived the ordeal or i might be lying.I am unshakable.I am 62 yrs of age.Read my stories and i hope i could inspire you to a better life not subjected to others abuses and lies.God created you for a purpose and he doesn't allow anyone to do harm to you..Hugs and Peace.

I for sure agree. i dont wanna meet my father either. i have no reason to its been 18 years why would i start to know him now yah know? speically after the stuff he did. did you ever wonder if his other kids know about you? thats what came to my head.. i dont understand how a father can act like this. and yes i have my sad moments but most the times its like blank like you said. and when people or friends tell me they feel bad for me and stuff im always like no dont because what doesnt kill me only makes me stronger.

I know what you're going through. I never met my father. He denied that I was his and ran off to marry my mother's best friend. He is apparently living in Canada and has seven children besides me. I have no desire to meet him at this point. I don't feel sad about it...more like blank. I'm curious about the residual effects of not having a father. I definitely feel like it has given me strength, because I've always had to be independant, since my mother wasn't there much. Girls like us have never been coddled...we make our own way in the world and to he'll with absentee fathers!