I Don't Remember My Biological Father.

I ddon't know who my biological father is he left when i was 4 years old and my mum was 8 months pregnant with my little brother. He left with no concern of me or my mum and took everything including the television, microwave and stereo system and all he left wwas a note sayin how he couldnt be a father. 3 weeks after he left he was seen in the local shops by my auntie and he was with a 16 yr old girl (he was in his late twenties) who looked pregnant and her mother. I have never recieved a birthday card or christmas card from him and to be honest i don't even care it's not like i have any memories of him at all. I mean i could walk past his in the street and never know that i had. I am lucky though because i do have someone i call Dad. He's my stepdad really, he met my mum when i was almost 6 years old and he's stuck around ever since and brought me and my little brother up as his own and treated us like we were his children, even thought we wern't the best behaved of kids and i love him and greatly respect him for it.
Abuze Abuze
22-25, M
May 13, 2011