My father left me when i was about 3 years old. According to my mother at first he was very good dad and loved me and was happy to have me in his life. But then he "changed his mind about me". Also he constantly cheated on my mom. I have not seen him since he left. But i remember my family growing up. And i just remember how my mother was the one who was always the "mean one" and my father would always stand up for me. And i would always run to him. But of course i was very young, so maybe that isn't true, maybe those are false memories. Memories that were given to me from family members or my dreams or i just made it up in my head. Just like the memory of him leaving. I don't really remember anything about him, not even how he look like. But i feel like i do remember the day he left. But then again, i remember looking at a picture of him holding me in his arms, and both of us have river of tears pouring down our cheecks. But then again i have no access to these pics anymore, or maybe they don't even exist. Maybe that was also a false memory, because when i was looking at these so called pictures i was little. 

shhh69 shhh69
18-21, F
Oct 17, 2011