When I was very young my parents split. My mom remarried and had another child with my step dad Robby when I was two. A year later they separated, and I went to go live with my grandma. I still saw Robby and my brother but it became less and less as the years went on. When I was 8 years old I asked Robby at the park why he always has to take me to Nana`s, and why couldn't I come home with him. He got overwhelmed and blurted that he wasn`t my dad. So I came home and found out my real fathers name was Lee, but no one knew if he was my REAL dad, I guess my mom had slept with another guy name Jeremy because she caught my dad with his ex. So I went to go look for Lee but when I found him their was another surprise... Lee was supposed to be dead, in 2006 he got into an accident on Christmas eve with his uncle. The vehicle got stuck on the train tracks and the car was completely nailed. Apparently Lee made it and was pulled out of the car with several broken bones and in a coma for two months. The luck with Jeremy either, he got into a car accident as well and died when I was young. In the end Lee is my father but did not want a relationship.
Gonzales96 Gonzales96
18-21, F
Aug 19, 2014