My Father Is Incompetently Cruel

Well. I just turned 24 on the 14th of sep. My father has been out of my life since I was 8. He was never there in the first place. As he used to just beat on my mum and 2 sisters, and myself. He has not talked to me, or wroten, anything, for the last 16 years. Moving to a different state does not seem cause to disappear from your childrens lives. And grandchildren.. My nephews and niece have no clue who he is. The oldest is 12. Never met him. End of August, my son turned four years old and will never know him. That breaks my heart. How could he be so cruel and heartless. Especially when I have been trying, and still try till this day. I think I'm finally fed up enough to finally stand up and say "NO MORE!" Because ultimately, it's his loss, he missing out on miraculous things. I don't want my son, or anyone for that matter, going through what I went through anyway.

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2 Responses Oct 9, 2009

Good for you!!! It is his loss!

My father's been out of mine since I was 3. I'm 14 now... my mom doesn't like mentioning him. My older sister is 16. She knew him for 2 extra years. I feel what you feel and you're right. It's his loss...