Hatred Among Us

As a child growing up, I experienced the most loving, warm, tight-knit sibbling relationship anyone could have. There were 10 children.
As most of us moved on into adulthood, making individual choices, looking back I have now discovered that the eldest of the lot was a control freak. A master manipulator, who to this day has influenced my mother in such a way to have caused a division in the family. WHERE IS THE LOVE? My mother has yielded to ONE and have allowed such selfish behavior to cause a permanent havoc among us. never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would live to see the day whereby we are not speaking to each other.
Some of us have been harrassed so much over the years during family get-together that we walk away crying, emotionally drained and or angry. so then for me personally ,
I have cut off ties with almost all of us and whatever connection /communication I do have with any of my peers remain superficial. Can you imagine my mother taking SIDES with some of her children in her senior years? We all belong to her and she should never tolerate that.
tuffjamaican1 tuffjamaican1
1 Response May 21, 2012

Thanks for your story. I hate my older sibling because he's a master manipulator too. I always told myself that I would cut ties with my family when I have the money and resources to do it. People make it such a taboo when people say they hate their older brother or sister. It sickens me because it leave me alone and there's no worse feeling than being alone.