It Happened To Me

i never thought all of this would happen to me. i was raped when i was 11 and couldnt tell anyone as my family never wanted me to begin with as i was adopted. then another family member touched me. long story. then people along the way drop me and im a good person and kind, and always wonder why. what did i do? was it me? come to find out it isn't me its them and they have problems of their own. i am finally starting to find me and learn about me and what i like and dont like, with mental help. i needed it as all these years i held all of this inside and now the dam broke and all the memories have come back. i will be ok and all i can go is up and i will. just had surgery and pneumonia and back home from hosp a few days. still very weak and not eating. God, my husband and my cousin have been a constant that is getting me through all of this. it has been the hardest thing to cope with. people i have loved that dropped me like i was nothing, including family. a very dysfuctional family with mental issues. i am so glad to be rid of them. they caused so much abuse and havoc in my life i disowned them and the best thing i ever did. they brother and sis actually cousins are no longer important to me. as far as im concerned they died a very long time ago. this is how i cope with this. ty for letting me vent. bless you all merry christmas
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1 Response Dec 13, 2012

I went through the same.. My mother was/is a drunk and let her husband molest me. I have forgiven both of them but its a challenge cause I still talk to my mom and she won't accept responsibility or apologize!! So now I'm very over protective with my kids and I refuse to leave them with anyone!!

Thanks.. Yeah I'm trying not be very over protective and over bearing but just the thought of someone hurting my kids kills me... But I hope your getting the help you need... I'll pray for you!