A New Day

Blue skies
Far away cries
Sun filled sky
Mama's sweet lullaby
Missing him
Loving you
Holding on to yesterdays
Other times
Anticipating a brand new day
Dancing to my own hearts drum
Eyes saddened
I wish at those times I could have some rum
I quit drinking might as well not start
Tragedies blasted across the news
I am always confused
What has the world come to
When *****, money and power are all criminals know
I wonder
Self- control is not rare
When animals have more fear
People hurt not able to resolve pain
I dream of better times
A world with less crimes
A world I can be proud to be a part of
I wish I could go back in time
Fix my mistakes
Right what went wrong
erase the bad
natalie343 natalie343
31-35, F
Dec 6, 2012