I Just Gave Up...

When I was 7, my parents bought me a bike with training wheels. I rode it a bit at first, and I was just fine at that. Unfortunately, I never had that drive or desire to take anything to the next level. I kept using the training wheels until I was ten, and my mother decided to have me learn to actually ride the thing. Training wheels come off, and I promptly fall over and over. I knew if I were to go faster I would stop falling, but going any faster than a snails pace scared me deeply. I insisted that the training wheels be put back on and promptly went back to using them, still just inching along anyway.

When I was twelve, I became too heavy for the wheels to support my weight, and they bent out of shape. I fell and got a deep scrape on my arm. The thing that hurt most, however, was the realization that I had become so dependent on the training wheels, I had wasted my chance to learn how to ride the bike. After the incident, I put the bike in the garage and gave up any hope of learning to ride the bike.

Over the years, throughout my adolescence, I attempted to learn properly, but to no luck. the seat hurt too much, or I'd fall and hurt myself much worse than I would as a child, or something else would go wrong. The last time I ever tried was when my mom insisted I try again when I was seventeen. She stood outside with me as I spent thirty minutes unable to even make a full rotation of the pedals. I eventually just gave up, despite my mom's pleading. I just turned around and walked away from it and to this day I haven't been able to ride a bike.

The thing that bothers me about the matter is how it reflects on my habits. I never tried to make any sort of improvement. I never took the effort to learn to do something better. and when things got too hard for me to immediately catch on to it, I just gave up. Story of my life, I guess.

Of course, nowadays I can't even use stationary bikes. my legs don't have the range of motion to complete a pedal, nor do they have the strength for me to "stand" on the pedals. Yeah, I kind of gave up on taking care of my body as well.
exarian exarian
Dec 21, 2010