It's Quite Sad.

I didn't learn how to bike until I was 14, and was never very confident.  A few months later, I happened to be cruising nicely down a gentle slope, planning to turn at the bottom.  Unfortunately, I underestimated my speed and thought I'd be able to turn without braking: bad idea.  When I realized, too late, that I couldn't make the turn without tipping over, I quickly decided to head straight instead, hoping that the bushes there would cushion my fall.  What ended up happening was that my bike hit the bushes, and I flipped over my bike and landed more or less on my head!

I was quite stunned.  Luckily, I was wearing my helmet.  Given the horrific impact, I shudder to imagine what would've happened otherwise.  Regardless, I have been somewhat traumatized since, and am now terrified of all turns and slopes.  Given that I live in a rather hilly area, this doesn't allow for very many biking opportunities at all.

EPGrace EPGrace
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2010