Prize For Him

i don't want to 'til i get married.


well, it's a great prize for my husband.. ^^,

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wow.. I just learned that it's scientifically proven. ^^,

'Tis much safer, physically, mentally, and emotionally to wait, this has been scientifically proven. For those of us who have a faith, it is safer spiritually, as well.


he really is ^^,

ur husband will be very lucky

thanks.. ^^,

gud idea

Stick to your intention. The ultimate thing is saving yourself for God, to please Him by waiting, more than the man. <br />
<br />
Trust God to bring the right man into your life. There is nothing more important to listen to and follow Him about.

LOL..sure, i'll stick to it.<br />
<br />
it's hard to find the right man. it's like finding a drop of water in an ocean.

Wanna Get Married ?!?! lol j.k j.k <br />
i thinks it's good that your doing that

Good for you and stick to your guns. Keep in mind that the prize for him may not be much of a prize for you the first time. It takes a bit of time to understand your body and "said" act.