I Hate Them

I sit and watch my aunt make the same new years resolutions and she never stays with it. I made one and that was to stay happy and not to fuss over the littlest things and to just take a break but it didn't go threw just because i couldn't put my mind to it. I think that they are kind of stupid and that they only give people hope and something to believe in.

IT just makes them have something to put their mind too and to take away from of the things that are bothering them. I've never made them since i've made that one, i hear others saying that they won't spend their money foolishly and that they'll loose so many pounds before the next new year comes around. None of them come through and i just think "maybe if they wouldn't have made a foolish new years resolution then maybe it would have worked out." I dont know why i think that way but i just do.


I don't think that i'll ever make one and if i do then i guess i do, but i won't be a foolish one it'll be one that i can really put my mind too.

jackcook02 jackcook02
18-21, F
Feb 26, 2010