Have Always Been a Single Mum.

I love to love but when it came to living with a man it was never something I was good at. As a surviver of child abuse and having two daughters I just could not feel right at home with a guy, so I never married.

I worked all the dead end jobs, and worked alot of them. There is no shortage of casual work where I live thankfully. My experience with racing motorbikes as a child did score me a good job as a postie and with that job and working as a barmaid week ends I was even able to save a deposit to buy a home for my two girls and I.

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1 Response Aug 5, 2007

I was actually raised in an age where it was not acceptable for a mother to raise a child on her own, and I lost my first two children to the stolen 'white' generaions of Australia back in the late seventies early eighties. Child welfare were able to take my babies from me because I was a ward of the state and there was no one around me to tell me that what they were doing was wrong. <br />
So I guess one can say I was motivated by my experience with mans actions in the past when being a 'single' parent was unacceptable.