I Never Ment To Hurt You Papi

I never ment to cheat but it happend honey I cant changed what happend but I can change what happens from today and on. I know it was three years ago but from what I can see it still bothers you I ve said Im sorry a million times but it seems you will never let it go. Im sorry I cheated I never ment to hurt your heart baby I have been faithful ever scence your the only man I love and only you honey. Im sorry I dont know what else to say I want you to stop accusing me and thingking the worst of me it was the past and I regret what I did I do. I dont like it when you hurt daddy you are the love of my life I just hope you can forgive me.
latinlana22 latinlana22
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Honey he is like that with everyone but if it bothers u that much then ill take care of it ok love u baby

I've been acting this way ever sence what happened three years ago and yes it still hurts lana and no its not easy for me still, but its not just that okay its also what has been happening over the past year and ahalf. and u know what am talking about lana. With all of that i hurt. So with all that you think its easy for me to be okay when some guy u only met one time textes u calling u baby to u thats okay. Well guess what if u think that its okay then i wont put up with it anymore lana. I rather lose you forever and that way you can do whatever you want.