When Ya Gotta Go

I love the relief....

But, yeah... I don't talk about it.

And, I prefer a toilet... but a tree will do in a pinch.

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<--------------cant resist posts about pee

Where's Ediez?

Taking pics of herself peeing for EP perhaps?

.&lt;------------*blinks* dammit! How did you know that was gonna be my pic for ep?!

Just don't pee in the pool. I just had it treated.

LMAO, Ediez I see em on your board, asking which colour plastic panties to wear, we all know you are THE pin up girl for the diaper lovers!

. aye! I love my plastic panty guy! He's one of my favorite pets.


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Damn it I still ain't bought myself a shewee! I will though!! One of pees days..................

lol u men are lucky you can use a tree. we women have to pop a squat

I do believe I have a story about it being convenient to have equipment on the outside. :)

lmao show off

Don't complain. You like the fact we have penises.

well, yeah

Women around the world use different positions to pee. Often it is easier and faster for a woman to just peel her pants/panties down then for a man to get his zipper open and then fish around inside his pants to find his ****, pull it out, aim it just to get started.

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