...........oh you crazy pee lovahs.

i love this group btw. Say the title out loud. So cute.
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It does kind of go along with the title of the sight. Though, maybe they should change the name from EP to IP.


.LMFAO so true

Maybe we should come up with theme song!

Let me see.....hmm Maybe

We all pee

Ok, that's all I got so far.


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.LMFAOOOOO!!!! i should stop writing about pee. i get random pee lovahs adding me all the time

I was crying...hahahaha so funny...!

Anyone who says they are not even a little fascinated by a tinkle is a liar.

very true Coppy *tinkles a bit*

EP everyone pees Ediez. Come on. :P


ironically a lot of stories on here are about **** lovers

dont make me ground you again

i'm already on double secret probation!

go to your room!

i only have one room! i'm already in it

*sigh* i gotta get a bigger house

stop spending all ur money on diapers then!

i need the diapers for you fukktards!

get us a bathroom and we won't need them! except for matt.... who just likes to wear them i think.

D: omg i forgot about matt. i gotta let him out of the closet

i think he likes it in there with your midget!

D: he's grounded for a year

we never get to have any fun or have anyone over anymore!

./<----- took matt outta the closet two weeks ago to make room for lav and knight ... Matt is in the suitcase under the stairs

did you poke an air hole for him?

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we all know your not into it ;)

I posted my story before you!!! *sticks tongue out*

Nanny, nanny, foo, foo!