Apparently It's Not Just For Voiding...

I guess I'm weird. I always thought that pee was what came out after your digestive and excretory systems were finished with their mysterious filtering processes. I've always flushed it and forgotten it, occasionally thanking the powers that be for the well-functioning kidneys, liver, and bladder that allowed me to go about my daily life without thinking too much about basic bodily functions.

Clearly I was mistaken. I don't think I've ever seen so many variables of enjoying pee (or it's more disgusting, rearward neighbour) in one place, and I certainly didn't know they existed. A couple of people who added me to their circle were clearly specialists and didn't seem to have any interests outside of peeing in pants, diapers, shops, on people, in beds, being peed on, and the list goes on and on. Everyone is entitled to his/her interests, but if your only interest is urine, then urine trouble. (Get it?)
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You are certainly welcome to your opinion. And this is certainly not my "Only" interest. But you don't know me, so please don't judge me.


Where have I in any way judged you? And where have I said it's your only interest? I was saying that sometimes people want to add me as friends and when I look at their profile, everything is about pee. Now that is not an issue, but if I don't share that interest, why would I add that person? It's like if I added you (third person; example only) to my circle, and you (third person) hated cats, but all I had on my profile were groups, stories, and confessions about cats. Why on earth would you (third person) add me? You (third person) probably wouldn't. Pee isn't terribly interesting in my world, so if someone with only that interest added me to their circle, I probably wouldn't add them back. That's all I'm saying. I hope this cleared up, rather than further muddled, my point.

Fair enough. But that isn't what I read above. If I misunderstood, then I apologize. I don't add people that I don't share interests with either.

As need2go points out, many of us appear to be interested only in pee or other fetish-oriented groups because we are using our EP identity only for that purpose. To engage in groups for more "normal" topics, we would want to use a separate identity.

I don't mind discussing my interests with others who understand and appreciate them. But I'm not going to reveal my kinks in forums about politics, career issues, hobbies, etc., where these activities might offend others or be used against me.

I can understand that; it makes sense.

Most of us in the "pee groups" have an interest in just one aspect of the subject, and we may find other aspects distasteful. For example, I do not drink urine, nor do I soil hotel beds or carpets.

When you get to know some of us, you'll find we also have other, non-urinary interests and otherwise live normal lives. Whatever normal is.

Please understand that I'm not judging you in any way; I was just amazed by the interest/ fetishism associated with pee; I previously hadn't been aware of it, and it kind of threw me for a loop that not only are there so many aspects of interest, but that so many people are into it. We've all got our interests, and that's fine, as long as mine don't interfere with your life and yours don't interfere with mine.

What I found odd was that there are people on EP who belong only to "pee" groups. That would be like if I had an abandonment issue and all of my interests/ groups revolved around that, and nothing else defined my personality/ EP identity, etc.

One reason why people seem to have just the one interest is that all of the groups to which you belong are visible to everyone, so if I joined a "respectable" group, they'd know I was interested in urination. For other interests I need to use a different identity.

A lot of people realize that pee and sex are connected. After all, the same body parts are involved. Have you ever had to pee really bad and found yourself getting kind of stimulated because of it? Maybe you didn't really think about it but try it some time. Let your bladder get full - really desperate to pee - and see what happens. When you are holding yourself to keep it in, see if you don't get turned on.

A full bladder can provide both physical and psychological stimulation, and I suspect many people don't wish to admit they experience pleasure from it. Urine is, after all, "dirty" and is excreted from our "private" parts, so we mustn't enjoy it or talk about it! Yeah, right. ;-)

I'll have to try that sometime; I have to confess that I've never felt stimulated by needing to pee. I've been too focused on finding a loo that wasn't gross...

I'm also aware that urine is quite sterile; it just doesn't turn me on. To each his/ her own.

Exactly. Some people are turned on by feet or body hair or odor. Our brains are all wired up differently.

Certainly try it, but do it at home so a safe, clean toilet is just steps away. That removes the discomfort of searching for a bathroom or the fear of not being able to hold it and having an accident.
And if possible, do it when you're by yourself so there is no awkwardness or embarrassment from holding in front of others.
Just relax, have a favorite drink (or two or three) and let nature take it's course. Sit and watch a good movie and wait until you feel that familiar pressure telling you your bladder needs attention - and ignore it. Let the pressure build, not to the point of pain but to the point of being unable to ignore it any more, unable to sit still for more than a few seconds, squirming, fidgeting, and finding your hand moving between your legs to help hold on, pressing and rubbing yourself to help with the pressure. And be sure to post after you do that to let us know what you experience. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe not. Can't hurt to try.

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