I Knew Some Did But....

For a long time now I've known quite a few people are interested in toilet matters with #1 being a generally more popular topic for discussion than #2. However since joining EP it's been quite a revelation to me just how many people enjoy their poos in a variety of contexts, some involving a toilet and others not. It's amazing just how many adults do admit to 'doing it in their pants' nowadays, especially on here.
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True, I feel the same way. Like susnter, just below, I'm a perfectly respectable professional, a parent of grown children, etc.

You'd just never guess that since I was 13 I've had a fascination with "doing it in my pants" for the pleasure of it. The pleasure of the feelings, the thoughts, the naughtiness and the sheer childishness. I mostly wet my pants, or 'play' to thoughts of doing that. But pooping them the way I sometimes did as a little kid, and did daily as a baby, is something I think about often. And once in a while I really do it. I love the sensations, and the combination of innocence and taboo. It's been great to know how many others also "enjoy this odd pleasure".

Thanks. I appreciated you sharing your experience.

I am a professional woman, who enjoys this odd pleasure. I love the feeling of it coming out as I stand or walk. I am able to stay totally stealth in public with a poop in my diaper, and do it almost daily. I wear diapers full time, and dont go out of my way to avoid pooping in them. I dont like the clean ups but probably no one does.
But I do love the feeling of having it in my diaper.

Thanks for sharing that.

Jump right in, don't be shy about it you will find its not taboo. Try panties, men's drawers for a nice poop just aren't as arousing. It is the fabric that makes the difference. ENJOY YOU!!!!

I totally agree. I thought I was one of the few who enjoyed it, but it's nice to know that so many other people do too.

Count me as a fan!

I love a good poo and I like it when others share my enjoyment too.

There may be more people who pee their pants than poop in them, but only because the result is less messy. If I'm outside doing yard work and need to pee urgently, I may try to hold it, but if it's a need to poop I will run in and use the toilet just to avoid a time-consuming cleanup.