Backdoor Man

I never paid for sex, but let someone else pay while enjoying the benefits.  When I was stationed in the middle of Thailand we often went to town to visit the local bars whenever we could.  Although there were plenty of "hostesses" available, I was just a poor airman so paying for sex was not something I could afford.  But the officers could.  So being devious of mind I figured, why not let an officer pay since he could afford it.  So I watched the officers with their "companions" until I found one I liked.  After meeting her one night when the Major was away, we danced and had a great tme.  She and I hit it off and so we left and went to the hootch the Major paid for and had an even better time.  From that point on, whenever he was gone, we would get together.  Being shy and unfamiliar with sex (LOL), I allowed her to teach me about it's pleasures.  Together we explored lots of fun things.  Thanks to the Major, I really enjoyed my time in the jungle.     

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Sometimes. But never dwelled on it. I was very young and that was never a thought when hormones were running wild and where I was.

Did ever wonder if you left any Rhett juniors back there?