Not One Person Know Everything About Me.

If people knew how f**ked up i actually am, i know they would send me to a frickin mental asylum or something. I am scared of whet they will say. I can't even say my problems out loud. I would end up having a panic attack.
I am so embarrassed of my problems, and i seriously don't believe anyone cares.
Not even my mum knows some of the things i put myself through, and i am 16.
I don't think i will ever tell anyone my real problems
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I know exactly how you feel... And it's OK

Thank you all :D <br />
TurningBackTime11: I think you are totally right. Websites like these are great, they help i guess let people express themselves without judgment, which for many people (including me) is the factor holding them back from sharing problems or seeking help in their life. I have gotten more help from people that live across the world than people i know

thats so true. If i do tell people things, its always a little bit to one person, a little to another. That way I'm able to express myself, without putting all my cards on the table for one person to judge. I never tell everything to one person. I've been places and done things that my parents never knew, and most people when you try to discuss problems like to avoid it or try to avert your attention to something else, because its harder to directly confront the problem. But overall, I think a lot of us keep secrets to protect ourselves

Same here guys. :( I'm 16 and I suffered 2 years of depression with my mum saying I was lazy and my friends sayin I was selfish. When I finally said something, my parents tried to shove me onto a therapist and are in denial still. And my friends dont get or understand, I think they think I have a desease or something. I have given up on therapy, what a load of bull crap! And i don't talk to anyone cos basically my family don't want to listen to how my feelings affect what im doing everyday and Im afraid i might scare my only remaining friends away further. Even when i talked about my feeling i never really touched the surface of them cos i know my family (as well) would probably send me to a mental hospital to stay and then what hope do i have for the rest of my life...<br />
<br />
You should talk to people on here. No one knows no one and you can be yourself with the right person without them saying anything mean or nasty or being disgusted. I am one of those people if any of yous need to talk, I can listen. :) I hope yous find someone x

i know how you feel, i'm 13 and no one knows what i put myself through to the full extent. my friends act like nothings wrong when i'm upset and my parents will tune me out when i try and talk. i's gotten to the point that i've just given up at trying to explain everything now.