Quiet Problems

Over all the years I've learnt to hold it all deep inside. I hate talking about myself, let alone my 'problems'. I don't want to bore anyone with that. I don't want to open up myself like that either - it's impossible. Even if I do open up to someone, there's little they can do to help me. I'd rather them make me smile than 'try' to offer me support and help for some stupid life problems I have. Things just work best for me when I keep things to my self.

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5 Responses Feb 10, 2010

It's basically the same content, or would be if I didn't have to tone it down because of someone over there.

Well I'm in [reading] half of your blogs and haven't been turned off yet. Hope nothing's hiding on the other side ! :)

Yeah, the problem with talking about your problems is if you do, pretty soon no-one reads anything you write anymore... People want me to fan them back sometimes and I just think: "If I keep you outta my private blogs, you might actually stay my friend" :-D

haha, you'll never break me! :P

too bad!! muahahahahah!!! i will learn eventually..