Keep That Baby

Yes, I chose to keep that baby - even though I got pregnant only one month after the marriage... everything was working against the baby - including the dad... One day he even succeeded in taking me to the doctor - thinking he could pressure me to abort.

Funny thing is, I was very clear that I never ever wanted to have a baby. But having created one, I wasn't about to kill it. No way! For three months, I went through hell, crying myself to sleep every night - not knowing if the baby would ever make it alive. I would pray for it, and be very scared... and there were several complications in our relationship - this pregnancy seemed to only add to them... though I felt obliged to "not leave" my husband and continued living with him simply for the baby's sake (we did keep the baby thanks to a wonderful gyenac who talked him out of the abortion idea)... it was not something that was the baby's "fault"... of and by herself, she is the sweetest, most wonderful, caring, intelligent little thing I ever came across. Any problems that being a parent caused me are a different issue altogether. But the baby is as close to what an angel might be... So I never ever regretted giving birth to her... She makes life worth living...
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2007

The power and sanctity of human life making its presence felt you have captured so well, even if it wasn't your intention to express it as such. This is a marvellous testimony. Your decision has been rewarded with the presence of a beautiful little girl with all her beauty and potential and love in your world. Thank you for writing this.

Thank you for your comment, KeepKichaeling. She's 9 now, and just as wonderful as ever. :)