So Not Normal

I have never pretended to be normal. I really think "normal" is a subjective opinion in any case. Most of us feel like the "odd man out" at some time in our life. For others, we always feel like the one that stands out in a crowd- the one that is unique; we are the ones that try to be different. So when someone says I am not normal I accept it with a smile on my face because I know normal is the furthest thing from what I want to be in this lifetime.
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46-50, F
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

I constantly fight against being the odd one out. Both physically and personality being the odd one out is tiring me out. In the last year or so I have started to accept myself and find some peace. This I have noticed has made me get along with others better, and made me more approachable. Relationships are hard for me as I am much more comfortable doing things on my own. I find it funny that the more I tried to fit in and be like others the more it drove people away. And now that I am being myself and not trying to change myself, but rather accepting myself, getting along with others seems less of a struggle now. One day I hope I will be able to tell a story or two about helping a friend in need. It's very humbling, and quite embarrassing to discover that I need to be less selfish, and learning to help others will reward me in the end

Normal is TOTALLY over rated!! A lil crazy can be lots more fun!! :)