With social medias i always hear people talking about how easy it is for them to find people like them...so what's wrong with me then? Because so far i've met some pretty great people but i'm just not fining the ones i can truely bond with and who gets me...i can be parts of myself with everyone i know but never the entire me (i'm always the entire me but then no one seems to relate to me) IRL i'm hopeless because i don't do good with people...but i can't even seem to get the online thing right =
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Well its not like that i have a large number of friends and have a good relation with them but bonding with them is a very different issue even if you think u have bonded with someone u will definitely find situations where you feel that the person is very different from what you imagined
i personally feel that communities like EP are better than real communities at least your anonymity is maintained here but in real life if something goes wrong it will mess up at-least few weeks of your life

thats cool. u wouldn't have everything in common with someone but I'm sure there is someone just like u out there . hum lets chat . u never know