You Must Try It Just Once!

Been waxing for three years, and it's amazing! honestly I've recommended it to so many people. I get legs waxed, underarm waxed, when feeling brave I have a Hollywood done! And also, after about three waxes, you don't really feel the pain it actually gets quite relaxing. Sounds crazy but they use hot wax, and rub in the oils afterwards and you lay on heated beds and everything smells good. Hmm it's so nice! Plus if you do it for 5 years the hair just stops growing!

The only issues for me though, are that it's quite expensive and it can be very embarrasing. I go every 6 weeks to get waxed, Legs £35, Underarm £18 and Hollywood £30. Plus when your lying there in just a t-shirt and the positions your in, I'm sure you can imagine for some waxing procedures- it's so humiliating. But honestly, start waxing it beats shaving!

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

so I've wanted to do this for a long time but never had the balls to do it but I let the lower region go for awhile and it was hairy as all hell. so I searched for a male friendly waxing establishment and found a few of them, picked one I thought would be ok and got an appointment. I was nervous about my visit so rubbed one out so I didn't have a loaded chamber. I picked my cutest thong and away I went, when I got to the salon it was an actual salon with people getting their hair cut just outside the room. The mid aged African woman took charge once I entered the room, I stood there at first not knowing what to do and see immediately instructed me to take my pants and underwear off, so I did as told. she definitely saw my panties but didn't say a thing, I laid on the table and she spread my legs and began right away with a swipe up the *** and soon after warm wax. The *** part of it actually didn't hurt but then I turned over and she was nice and did my balls next which was bad either. It was nice for her to move my penis and balls around and she handled them with care. then the there was a inner hello!! when she did right above my penis. overall not bad at all and I love that I don't have to shave and it feels so great!! get it done, go for it

I got waxed for my anniversary last year to surprise my wife. Was she ever surprised! Not only did I feel sexier, I also felt cleaner. I got a male Brazilian. Not sure what a Hollywood entails, might have to look it up.

I believe in Europe a "brazilian" is called a "hollywood".

Ok well I think I'm going to try it!! I'm going to make an appointment today.

Laser hair removal sounds amazing! Can you imagine smooth hair-free legs for the rest of your life? I've looked into it before, it's about £400 a session, and you need 15-17 sessions. Ouch! <br />
And yes, you have to grow the hair 4mm to get it waxed. It isn't nice, especially legs and in the summer- but my hairs blonde so not too bad I guess.

Yeah but Darcy, don't you have to let the hair grow in pretty much to get it waxed again?