I think about him everyday. I really do and it's not even a joke or an exaggeration. I know he thinks of me too, everyday. Ever since we started to like each other it's like I can't forget how we used to make each other smile. We go through stuff in life. Obviously there were times where we weren't always understanding each other or even talking.

But once in a while we do crazy spontaneous displays of affection. After hearing about his car accident, I wanted to do something special to show him that the distance is only a minor factor. I sent him a package with a letter, that contained some unique publications and flyers from different music venues in London. I tried to feature everything of interest to him. I even bought him a mini LP of James Brown from a private collector. All of this just to share an experience he couldn't get because of this terrible accident. I think I would do it it anyway... just to prove that I'm here. He's thought of and I want to put something in his hand as evidence that I know him best.

misselodie misselodie
26-30, F
Aug 28, 2014