Is This Appropriate To Wear For Family Day For Fort Jackson

Is this appropriate to wear for Family Day for Fort Jackson. My husband told me its over 100 degrees there so it is extremely hot! So im planning on wearing a high waisted shorts with a loose tank top tucked in. I want him to say, "Damn thats my sexy wife!" But i dont want to look inappropriate or look like a **** .

What do you guys think? 

IamySelf IamySelf
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 26, 2011

Its cute but i think you should change the shorts for a skirt or something. its a very nice top that you would wear to a fancy event but i dont know shorts just seem so beach wear. I wore a dress that went to the top of my knees and it was really nice. also it looked really classy and looked well next to my soldier.

thank you :)

I think its cute , Your not showing any clevage and the shorts are a decent length. Im sure they understand its hot out there and im sure you wont be the only one lol. The outfit is cute and in good taste have fun! My bf's family day and graduation is in 2 weeks so I've been looking for what to wear as well lol.

thank you :)