Im Confused

Ok, this has got me very confused. I love my soldier soo much but he has been doing something that I don't feel comfortable about it. And that is, he does not show his love because he is shy. Now with that said, I feel as if he is embarassed about it or I'm just overreacting because of the situation. I mean, what should I do in order to make him understand that it hurts for him not to show his love. We have talked about it a couple of times and he doesn't listen. Can someone please give me some advice?
I will greatfully appreciate it. Thanks
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2012 my case its different... In our relationship...i am the one who is shy... He keeps on telling me but i dont why it happens with me. But now he knows that i am like that and even i am trying to overcome this.. I think i can help u out with it... One reason of me being like that is i prefer to show it through my actions coz i dont know how to But seriously, trust me...he loves u n cant even even imagine its extent coz it is with me too... I hav a whole of explanation to it...i u want, u can ask me... But now i hav started thinking that does he feel the same way as u r I got to work on that now :))

my boyfriend used to be like that so much! after a while i understood thats just how he is, and when id talk to him about it, he would listen but never change it. so after a couple times of fully explaining that i need him to show his love for me, not just tell me, he eventually got it! hah you just need to keep explaining it, shy boys dont get it sometimes(: hoe it helps!